Choose from badass heroes like Gun Clerics, Cyberninjas, and Street Mercs, and pick out the style that suits you best. It has a PlayScore of 8.24 6. FORM Taking advantage of the VR’s ability to immerse us fully into strange and beautiful worlds, this indie puzzle game from Charm games is a perfect fit for the console. A little short on content with only an hour’s worth of story, FORM is still quite an experience. Experience life in the shoes of Dr. Devin Eli as one ordinary day in his isolated research facility spirals into psychedelic madness. What follows is a fever dream of bewildering conundrums and hypnotic visuals. Traverse the realm using Dr. Eli’s powers of geometric visualization and uncover the secrets of the Obelisk.

Free of the burden of deaths and time constraints, FORM lets you meander around their strange world at your own pace. Dig into every corner, scavenge for clues, and embrace the absorbing atmosphere. It has a PlayScore of 8.32 5. I Expect You To Die Put on your suit and polish your shoes! As an elite secret agent and super spy , everybody relies on your unparalleled problem solving skills and quick wits to take down the Zoraxis Oganization. As an agent of the Enhanced Operative division you have been gifted with the powers of telekinesis! Use it to your advantage to successfully complete your missions. It’s do or die time, but with the help of your agency handler you are sure to have the right information and training you need.

Prepare for some high flying, deep diving, braving the winter, and even finding yourself on the windows of skyscrapers. Master your environment to complete speed runs and bag those souvenirs and achievements. It has a playscore of 8.33 4. Overload From the creators of the classic game Descent, Revival productions introduces this 15 level single player campaign packed with the best classic flying shooter gameplay made even better with the support of contemporary graphics and technology. Ready your arsenal of 12 upgradeable weapons and annihilate your robot enemies, rescue hostages, destroy the reactor, and get yourself the hell out of there before everything goes up in smoke.

Enjoy the fierce action in 6-degrees-of-freedom and take your friends along with you in the multiplayer mode with both public and private matches, along with other customization options including an intense survival mode that is sure to amp up the game’s replayability. Topping it off with awesome graphics, this zero gravity shooter bags a playscore of 8.37 3. The Lab Whether it’s fixing a robot, fortifying your castle, or simply attending to a puppy, there’s no better place to think of the most menial tasks to most extraordinary activities than in the lab. You can explore your floorspace and even teleport to different areas of the room as you decide which challenges and activities you want to take on. Valve introduces a varied handful of full 3D motion minigames in such a seemingly confined and compact space.