After what feels like an eternity, Overwatch League S2 is nearly upon us. Along with some returning players, there are a ton of new talent and faces joining the league. So before the next season officially begins We would like to help catch everyone up and go over the eight new expansion teams that will be joining the The 2019 season of the Overwatch League. The Toronto Defiant are among the two hotly anticipated Canadian teams joining the OWL for its second season.

It was revealed on Sept 7th 2018, that OverActive Media would be purchasing the Toronto slot for an expansion team. OverActive Media is a company known for delivering esports and video game entertainment. While the team itself would be operated by Splyce. The team’s branding was later unveiled during a launch event on October 24th. The Defiant’s logo is a very literal representation of the team’s name, a T inscribed with a D. But the team’s branding, in terms of colors, font usage and the name itself is meant to represent strength, character and resilience.

Between October 27th, and November 27th the team gradually unveiled their roster, additionally the team has also acquired former London Spitfire coach Bishop and Barroi of Winstons Lab as the team’s analyst. the Defiant roster building process has had a focus on creating a team based around mechanical ability, coachability and team synergy. Both Canadian teams, the Defiant and Titans lack any resident Canadians in their lineup, in favor of taking a similar approach to the London Spitfire and NYXL, sporting an all Korean player roster.

In Toronto’s case, their team consists of a returning OWL veterans and a core of players from the Korean Contenders team O2 Aredeont. To start, we’ll take a look at their team captain, Envy, a previous veteran of the Korean OW scene, initially playing for Rhinos Gaming Wings as a dps player during Apex seasons 1-3. He later played overseas for Immortals, gradually shifting to play more tank heroes including Roadhog, Zarya and D. Va. Immortals became the LA Valiant in the OWL inaugural season, where Envy would play with the team throughout the first two stages as a flex player.

Prior to stage 3, Envy was released from the Valiant as part of many changes the Valiant made to their roster during this time as they began to redevelop and overhaul their entire team. Although he continued to play in Contenders Korea with Meta Bellum, until he was approached by Toronto Defiant. Mechanically Envy is a talented player with a flexible hero pool, who will likely be critical in adapting to various team compositions and can use his experience to support some of his rookie teammates. Another one Defiant’s OWL veterans and arguably the teams premier player, is former Boston Uprising Support, Neko.

During the inaugural season Neko was well regarded as one of the best Zenyattas among the instanteft casinos canada, And much like his season 1 team, the Defiant are a team based around unproven, but talented players with potential should they come together. As Neko’s experience and skill will be paramount in the team’s success. Although Neko will start the season by serving a 3 game suspension, and will miss his team’s games against the Houston Outlaws, Atlanta Reign and LA Valiant.

until their fourth game this season. The final OWL player on the Defiant roster is Asher, formerly of the LA Gladiators, he is best known for his phenomenal Tracer, with the potential to flex onto projectile heroes. While a skilled player, the current meta does not really favor his hero pool, so we may initially be seeing more of his rookie teammates from O2 Ardeont. Those being; Ivy, Yakpung, Stellar, O2 Ardeont itself is a team that performed well in season 1 of Contenders but has since struggled in the subsequent seasons. Of these players that have followed the hallowed path to pro from Contenders to the OWL, Ivy and Yakpung in particular are believed to be rising stars in their roles of DPS and Main Tank respectively.

Ivy is a highly capable and flexible dps player, with sound decision making; with a team supporting him, he has the potential to match some of the best in the League. Like Ivy, the Defiant’s coaching staff have a strong belief in Yakpung, believing their young main tank makes intelligent decisions on when to engage and can be incredibly aggressive when the situation calls for it. Stellar is Ivy’s partner in crime, joining his teammate as a DPS for the Defiant Being a part of the O2 Aredeont core he has played alongside Yakpung and obviously Ivy. his inclusion should ensure the DPS lineup maintains their synergy and helps the team come together, but ultimately we will have to wait to see more from him. While technically not part of the Ardeont core, Roky is a Support player who played with Ardeont very briefly before is signing and X6 Gaming prior to Season 1 and 2 of Contenders Korea. The final member of the Defiant roster is Aid The main Support player for the Toronto Defiant chosen for his ability to support this team both in and outside of the game The Toronto Defiant have on paper a team that seem like a dark horse contender, with many not very well known players and lack any apparent superstars, even their veteran players could be considered overlooked last season.

But between the coaching and support staff, their roster has been chosen based on their potential and coachability, which could have the Defiant develop into a powerhouse, again, similar to the Uprising in Season 1 or they could fall through the rankings, but on Feb. 15 we will get a good chance to see for ourselves. If you enjoyed the video, remember to like comment and Subscribe to keep up with our future releases!