Obviously, all the players want to win a trip to Dubia, so a news article goes a long way. Although. I don’t think that players read reviews really. I think it is more of what is on your Homepage. If you’re got a top 5 guys on your homepage, they are going to click on it.

They are not going to read through every review. Listening to what you’re saying about the casino, I think it is basically about the homepage. What you’re saying I think it is basically Homepage? No, we actually, We have copywriters that literally go into the casino sign up, sees how easy that is test out their call centre. So our reviews are pretty authentic.

We don’t give everyone 5 stars. Some will get 3. Some will get 4 and at the end, we’ll say”. Ok, it’s a really good New Zealand casino, but they don’t have 24 hours customer service, so we’ll rate them a 4. We kind of are pretty honest when it comes to our reviews in how we score the casino. A lot of reviews on the site, like we’ve, got 50+ casino reviews and then 50+ reviews on just their bonuses.

Our copywriters actually using those casinos when creating their interviews, obviously helps a lot. If you keep putting content into that site daily, You literally have to do it. Daily. Our copywriters would be excellent at answering that Mainly new promotions. When I sign up to an affiliate program, I would ask them: please send me promotions If you have a tournament, send it to me.

If you pump news articles of people’s promotions, then that is also fresh content. It doesn’t have to be reviews. No one wants to read through 1,000 casino reviews, so … We also do news articles and and anything that goes under the news category. I’M Coreen I’m with the affiliate casinouk.com.

The problem is that being an affiliate from the casino point of view you have to fight for them, You have to offer more and more for them. This is because the competition is much greater than it was just a few years ago. Now we are fighting for every customer every first time depositor AND for every affiliate, because the affiliate sector gives us at least 50 60 % of the depositing clients. So we really have to take care of our partners, ( EnergyCasinopPartners.com ), and these conferences, like we have here ( at the AAC, Amsterdam ). It is a really good way to get in touch more personally with them to find out what they need to find out.

What other techniques / tactics are used by the affiliates? What kind of new methods the offline is? Basically a tough business, because when you are doing it offline, you have to be prepared that you will be in direct contact with the customers.

You are in contact with them and you get much more information about them and it is much harder for you to run a smooth business. The biggest difference is this: When you are doing an online business, you don’t have to deal with trouble like you have to do in the offline, but when you are doing it offline, you get directly in your face everything every type of complaint or feedback, and everything Else which can help you develop a better business in that you can change or react to any type of problem or – and thanks to this, maybe you then have the potential to react much quicker than you can perhaps do in the online field. However, I still think in online that it is much easier for the providers to find “ The Golden Way” to run their service, So basically the biggest difference, So basically the biggest difference, So basically the biggest difference.

So basically, the biggest difference is this. You can manage to resolve anything from in-front of your PC without confronting directly with the customers. You know those clients who are losing or who are who want changes so online is much easier and faster.

The competition is really high. So, as the years have passed, we’ve seen much better techniques and much bigger competition. Everybody is investing, they’ve started to invest money in it. There are companies. -There is a big industry now in the affiliate sector, who are just investing money to acquire more and more customers for the casinos to get better and better deals and as an amateur or if you just started your first step in this business. It is really tough to get some kind of profit or some kind of success In offline.

The affiliate doesn’t exist right now. Everybody wants to be a millionaire after a night, which is quite impossible in the casino business right now. You cannot make revenue, you cannot make profits just because you have a website or just because you have 100,000 visitors on your website. You will not start to make money, you have to think about a strategy, a long-term one where you put enough effort in your website. You invest in your product and finding a way unique way, a different one which can make you different than the other partners, because there are 100’s of 1,000’s of affiliates who are just trying to get some small piece of the cake. But there are some who rule the whole industry who have the biggest shares in the affiliate industry and who can be millionaires after a night right ) and to never stop.

The key is to wait to invest, to learn and to never stop to be confident in you. Well “ Worker to Worker” means that we do everything together. You know each decision in a company is made by workers.

The initial idea comes from one worker and will be implemented by everyone. So that is the point and we don’t have any strict rules within the company. We don’t have working time. You can work as much as you want, but by the end of the month you have to show results because the company trusts in the workers and I’m very happy to be part of it. The final result is to have The final result is to have high quality products in terms of high quality products in terms of gaming, software and betting software. So we have high quality products for bookmakers and the betting industry and that all comes together from those workers From Bosnia & Herzegovina, where the economic situation is not so good and we are not proud of that.

But I’m very proud with a company that is changing. That in some different way employing people and giving them more opportunities to learn to work, to educate on a daily monthly basis. I’M very glad because we are here in Amsterdam, My name is Elvis Dzombic and I come from the nsoft company based in Bosnia & Herzegovina. For more information about us, you can find on nsoft.ba. Well, I would see micro-payments as the easy way towards trading or gambling at the end of the day, and it is a secure way because we avoid charge-backs or any other of those issues.

But you also increase retention, So Micro-payments is the frontiers of using new technology, because that mainly comes from mobile payments as well, and if you have a provider that is integrated with multiple solutions, it means that you get to have micro-payments through the connections that the PSP Will provide you, People come to us and the want to know how the payment systems work, how the charges are enforced and created, and also because they all operate on the frontiers of new technology, which is i-Gaming at the end of the day. They want to know what legal aspects are at issue for their industry, licensing, juristiction payment systems, APM what solutions are available and how do they get the solutions In order to get the solutions you need to have some pre-requisites associated with it. Those pre-requisites might be licensing. It might be staffing, it might be expertise and know-how. Then again, you have to take into mind the global market, taxation, economy and affiliates. All they need to know is that they can have retention pay in to pay-out and we’re here to advise them because we’re an FCA member at the end of the day we’re a member of the payment systems.

So we can provide solutions into having easy access to their money or to pay with their money, and that is what affiliates are concerned with, But the companies that support affiliates are the main customers that we serve. Casinos ensure that they have as many options as possible. First of all, by having licensing, They need to have a license where they operate. Secondly, they need to understand the jurisdictions and the origins that the customers come from.