Hi guys welcome to another video this system, I’m gon na show you is one I’ve designed. I won’t work all the time like any system. It’S not flawless, but it’s a good idea that I had and it can be quite effective.

It shouldn’t ly need a large bankroll and the trick, I guess is, is to you get your profit the earlier. You can get your profit in this system, the better the longer it drags out, the more chance you may not win, but there’s different ways to play. This, but I play it as as soon as you’re in profit, you restart the system. I call this system divide and conquer and I’ll show you why I label that huh, that name in a minute now with this system and the best way to explain this system is to show you so what we do here. We do a spin okay. So the spin landed in the first dozen, so we’re looking at dozen first of all, dozens that was a three.

So what we’re doing we’re actually betting on the opposite, dozens, but the double streets in those dozens. So, in this case here here here here, so I’m using one unit bits now we do a spin if it wins, we won and we restart the system. I’Ll show you what happens if we get deeper into the system and how you bet by this stage and we’re just going to be work at sale, we’re getting profit every time now we really do the spin another spin for so again we’re betting, putting the fun Get it on the middle, be the coordination is required, and this time of day, okay, quick, okay, I didn’t win so here’s a good example. So we’d actually do the same bit. Now we’ve lost two dollars or actually four dollars.

So remember it was starting at five. Five thousand euro. Now we do the same spin.

Now, okay, we won, but we’re still not in profit. So what we do now we look at the same same units we put on, but we divide we actually take off and we put it on the opposite street. This time in this double street, so that was 14, so we actually put one here so basically covering the unhip.

He is now it’s been again. It didn’t win if it doesn’t land on where you’re placing bets you just race in so it’s hitting the the first dozens. So obviously the floor could be if it keeps hitting in that doesn’t consecutively, but it shouldn’t do it too often.

You know, but again again that same doesn’t go again: okay, we won, but we’re still down technically 12 units, so it hit in the 25. So again we take off this one here and we put it to a street. Now, that’s Street in that double street list.

Again hit so, as you can see, we’re narrowing in and how our bets are becoming more defined, hopefully hitting these areas, zero doesn’t help us be one there. So again we divide this double street in just into a street now the unhip, so it was 23. So we put it here: let’s see how good this is, let’s see if it can catch up. That was a Miss, so we just read in that was a hit. So now they hit that street so now we’re hitting in the unhip numbers so we’re putting it here and here on the straight up bits. So as you can see, if we can try and get these that’s going to be a bigger win in the straight ups.

Okay, we’re not going too bad, considering it’s narrowing right down 17, so putting us 16 and 8 there and we’re down basically five units we hit again so I’ll just show you here. This is what we were left with it hit here. So if we kept going, we would have done 34 and 35 there and that’s that’s the one hit. So it’s the opposites in that Street so actually in profit, a dollar there.

So I would stop you. Can your tank can take a bit of a high risk and hope that one of these single ones will actually come out which it could happen, but again that’s two: four: six: six plus the street yeah. It could at least six out of 37 that that percentage is still quite low, but you can take that risk, but I, but I just stop when it’s in profit, so it’s a dollar profit, not much, but in this case I’d take it because it’s getting it’s Getting harder to actually win, okay, I’ll show you a scenario where you keep going. I would as a target win. I would stop at about 40 units in this case we’re using one unit per bet, so I would suggest you can get in a bit of a hole, so you need a bit of a bankroll, so I’d suggest at least at least a hundred 100 units to Get any success, but obviously the more you have the better it’s going to be to take a loss.

Now when you actually stop well, that’s your call I’ll show you example where it goes deeper and deeper into the system where we worked, we won’t take the profit. We’Ll just keep going, but it ends up to a stage where you, actually you work out and well. How much do I need to get in profit and, in some cases, you’ll be actually doubling up on those straight ups deep into the system, and you could get a quite a big win or you might decide to hang on.

We’Ve got to stop here. We’Re going to create a stop loss and amount, and don’t go past that so that’s important too, with this system. So, let’s start again, we’ve got that second, dozen again, sorry first doesn’t still behind so take that off there 26 so put it on the opposite street. No in there so where five, a five thousand three with five thousand five near so again, I would restart the system. Okay.

Now I’m going to show you you so as you can see, you can see there that deep you go to the system. You can actually get quite a good profit, so I can very they’re just going to keep playing, even though I’m in profit, which is an option higher reward, but higher risk, of course. So let’s just keep going so the third dozen. So here we go. We put on the double streets in the opposite: dozens never cover a zero.

It’S not that important we’re in profits. So technically we won that too, but we’re gon na keep going in this case, we’re going to define it right down to the bone. Okay, so we’re going to go, there was a four, so we go in this street opposite, let’s see how far we can go and see how good this system is.

That’S a Miss when you miss just repeat bit until you’re out of profit are quite a bit. Then you’d probably double your units and we’re down about four still down a bit, but again what taking more of a risk oops we want to take that off and what am i doing? That’S that and seventeen. So here it’s a miss. So now the street turns into two singles, which is the opposites one again, so it’s actually working quite nicely, but it won’t in all cases, that’s a if you’re a higher risk person you can just keep going. I guess it’s a mess.

Slim profit, though. That’S a profit: let’s refine this down again, it’s 23 back to what was it this one? That was a big win that was on the single. So, as you can see there, the profit was quite that was that was worth the while.

But I guess the more you have on the singles, the more chance you’re gon na have of this is winning. But again you know a higher risk if there’s not as many numbers on the single. So in that case it worked out. Let’S just do one more.

I’M going down to the bone because we’re in quite quite high profit, so let’s just take a bit of a risk, so that was a second dozen. So now we’re gon na go here here here here, there’s a six, so I put on opposite street. It’S a loss like we started. Thirty eight didn’t we same bet take that off, replace twenty nine put it in the opposite street.

Okay quite nicely, but again, but again, but again, but again, if the stage now where it’s a bit riskier 1 & 3, now probably back up to close to where profit was we’re getting more singles now toward this again, so we had 31. So it’s back to here that Street to miss it’s a hit 36. So we’re getting 35 34!

Miss it’s! Yes! Yes! So, as you can see, I’m taking extreme risk. So I wouldn’t really do this, but I’m just showing you how I can go see that one actually was a single, but it wasn’t as much as our profit, which was 38 5,000 38 there. So but let’s just keep going so we can get down to one number same bit tense.

I go 1112 hoping for a single single hit near it’s was 38, so if we actually hit a single which we still wouldn’t be in profit, so I would in this case double up so you’re going to still be in profit in one of those numbers hits And one of those numbers did hit so we’re well in profit now by what’s at 13. Yet so again, I would stop there, but let’s keep going. Let’S take the system to the extreme in this case. Also, then, I’d start I’d, take off these and put them back as a single because you’re in profit, you don’t need to lose more money.

If the spins don’t go your way. Okay, it’s 11! There. It’S the best one to try and get the like to the original units. Okay, so it actually time the out there, because I’m in the the demo version.

So it’s not real money but, like I say I do use a system, but I mix it up with other systems. I don’t use it continually. That’S one of the my tips. Obviously, just keep using different systems, don’t keep using the same system over and over especially online, because the software can predict.

I think in a way, what how you can a bit like if you’re, always betting, to say dozen, the first dozen eventually you’ll get a string of hits on that on the first dozen and you can lose a lot of money if you keep doubling up etc. So it’s timed out there, but I just like using a demo account when I explain how the system works, so they’re not gon na concentrate on explaining the system to you, because when I actually better, I like to concentrate fully because obviously you’re using your own money. Then – and it gets a lot more serious – that’s not to say I don’t use a system. I do use this one combined with many other systems, thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment. There, people that get nasty and say this system doesn’t work. Well, I’m not I’m not suggesting this system is going to work all the time or any system here all the systems I’m reviewing just from other people.

What they’ve designed it’s up to you to try them and, and you decide the best system to use so any abusive type comments that people are going to send. That’S why I get them reviewed first, there’s no point because I’m not I’m not trying to say you a system. That’S you in floor. The system that’s flawless so, but at your own discretion it just gives you some ideas, some tips ways you can perhaps create your own systems but suspect with caution and don’t use your money that that you need for living general living treated as a hobby. I guess to start with: if you get more serious, then you can start to really analyze your systems further and go okay. What’S working, let’s do a lot of trials of this system and see how it over time.

But again I didn’t a great many systems and not just rely on the one one system, no matter, if you’re a professional or not, I don’t. I don’t believe that there’s one definitive system so thanks for watching, remember, to subscribe, to keep updated on newer systems that we do videos about and review with our own systems, so we’ll be releasing a system where you’ll be able to purchase it, and the only reason Why we’re going to put a cost on this system? Is it’s quite effective? It’S a combination of systems and it is a good, definitive system over time that can make you profit.

If you stick by the the rules are such and that the guidelines we put in there and you’ll be getting a PDF copy of that, as well as as well as instructional videos and links to the the YouTube for those that are paid for the system. It’S not going to be a great amount, it’ll be a less than $ 100 us at this stage and we’ll like we will let you know further about the details of that system.