Hey slots fans, and welcome to our review of the Jumanji™ Video Slot – NetEnt’s big release of 2018! A total of four Random Features will help you journey through the jungle, while an authentic Jumanji-style Board Game houses four Free Spins No Deposit – and more rewards too! However, an unusual reel structure immediately catches the eye, plus a number of intriguing objects around the board – each evoking a different memory of the 1995 cult classic movie.

Right on cue, the Sticky Vines Feature can randomly burst from the cabinet in the top-right, to lock a round’s winning symbols into place for a Re-Spin. This means you’re guaranteed to receive an additional coin boost, but perhaps of greater value in the ideal icons arrive. When a thunderstorm starts, snapping crocodiles will swim around the board but unlike the movie they’re not out to cause you bother. Instead, either one or two reels will be turned into entire Stacks of Wilds by the leaping reptiles giving you the chance of winning a few extras, like we just did now. But perhaps the most famous Jumanji scene has been recreated perfectly by NetEnt too! As the reels begin to spin longer than usual, just watch the ensuing carnage unfold… Alongside leaving the bookcase in tatters, the rhinos will stomp a handful of Wilds across the board to make the destruction work in your favour.

And finally, those calm innocent monkeys in the bottom left? As anyone who’s ever watched Jumanji will know, these cheeky chaps aren’t in the mood to just sit around – and are, instead, intent on causing yet more havoc! They’ll suddenly come to life and summon a few friends to mix things up, and by that we mean rearrange the landing symbols to form a random scoring combination.

Yet these random four features are only the beginning… If you see a minimum of three Jumanji™ Video Slot Scatter Symbols appear on the reels, it’s time to roll the real odds dice on the innovative Board Game Feature that NetEnt have cooked up to match the movie’s suspense. And just like in the blockbuster, you’re able to choose your own token to play with! As you can see from the Board Game’s track, there are different etchings on each landing position – all donating some sort of reward. Landing on one of the two lit-up positions in each corner is the key to unlocking a Jumanji™ Video Slot Free Spins Round.

Here we managed to activate six Monkey Free Spins, whereby every spin sees the monkeys go behind the scenes to give those symbols a winning reshuffle – as you’ve just seen. Although we can’t show them all, each Free Spins Bonus Round on the Jumanji™ Video Slot mirrors the four Random Features we’ve previously shown. So, Sticky Vine Spins, Crocodile Wilds and Stampede Wilds. Also during the Board Game, there are four question mark symbols to potentially land on. When you do, a collection of rewards will be juggled in the centre eye and distributed to you randomly. Excited to start playing the Jumanji™ Video Slot?

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