Redout: Enhanced Edition Making way for what might be the WipeOut and F-Zero of the VR generation, strap yourself in for the hyperspace drives and get ready for the whiplash that comes with their high speed racers. Set in a world of rich landscapes and neon-lined tracks, take a trip to humanity’s near future and bite into the game’s lineup of exciting game modes. Power through their extensive, hundred level career mode or power up the online multiplayer to play with friends and strangers around the world. With this enhanced edition, the richness of their winward casino environments gets better than ever–like a hyperrealistic adrenaline rush delivered right to your eyeballs. An uncompromising and tough racing game for the VR, it has a PlayScore of 8.1 9.

Arizona Sunshine The VR is in good company when it comes to horror and zombie shooting action. One of the Vive’s best in terms of undead massacre is this delightfully sunny FPS from Vertigo Games. Turning the usually grey and colorless zombie genre on its head, this game will take out of the perennial nights of haunted laboratories, and into the blistering heat of the Arizona sun. Fight your way to imminent rescue and collect weapons to fend off the town’s ghoulish residents. Putting you right smack in the middle of the action, use your motion controls to feed lead into their skulls and launch grenades into unwitting hoards. With 3D audio sounds that warn against an onslaught of zombies, the fight for survival becomes an exciting and highly interactive treat. It has a PlayScore of 8.13 8. Sairento VR Sign up to the cyber ninja squad and take on their many extraordinary powers in this action packed RPG. Oldschool ninjas meet the future in this cyberpunk tale. Master the art of killing and choose your weapon of choice from among katanas, bows, and shurikens.

Not exactly the stealth fuelled action you’d expect, but it’s just the kind of game to quench your thirst for bloody violence. There’s plenty of modes to choose from, letting you unleash your inner ninja in more ways than one. For the lone assassin, you can slash and shoot your way through the singleplayer campaign or go on a killing spree in the frenzied endless mode. But, there’s also a multiplayer that lets you parry katanas 4v4 PVPs and PVEs. It has a PlayScore of 8.15 7. Raw Data From the same studio that brought us Arizona Sunshine comes this gorgeous sci-fi shooter. Much like Sairento, Raw Data brings us to a robotic future. This time, you play a hacker syndicate conspiring to bring down the Eden Corp’s sinister robot line. Infiltrate the corporate overlord headquarters and uncover a narrative that opens you up to an extended episode of existentialism. In a somewhat ironic twist, Raw Data’s VR lets you become the weapon. Use your body to control the character. Wield pistols and shotguns, and rely on your own reflexes to deflect projectiles and fight in close combat.