Pick up a slingshot, try your hand at archery or robotics, explore the medical world or outer space, and maybe even go on holiday. Experience the power and potential of virtual reality as you step into the lab with a playscore of 8.41 2. Thumper If you’re a rhythm junkee with an affinity for violence, then you might enjoy Drool’s best single player rhythm game. It’s time to virtually transform yourself into an enraged space beetle on a quest to defeat and kill Crakhed, a maniacal giant head.

Race through the technicolored infernal void and follow the beat to this caustic music and rhythm game. With its new steam update you can finally amplify your experience in its fully immersive VR, that makes it easy to get lost in the speed and brutal physicality of it all. And as you get further into the game get ready for things to get even more insane, as both speed and music gets progressively ruthless. Thumper has a playscore of 8.56 Here are the runners up before we reveal the number one: 11. Everspace The universe awaits you in ROCKFISH’s action-focused single-player shooter. Filled with captivating visuals and a wonderful sci-fi story to behold. It has a PlayScore of 7.87 12.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Take on a first hand experience in the shoes of the dragonbron, and defeat the dragon Alduin. It has a PlayScore of 7.85 13. Star Trek: Bridge Crew Lead your hearty crew in The Federation and meet the iconic characters from the Star Trek franchise. It has a PlayScore of 7.79 14. Sublevel Zero In this roguelite shooter, strap on your VR gear and engage in a procedurally generated world where reality is falling apart. It has a PlayScore of 7.76 15. ArchAngel: Hellfire A free roaming shooter in a post apocalyptic wasteland, get front row seats to god-like mech classes and become last man standing. It has a PlayScore of 7.6 And the best HTC Vive Game so far is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Time to think quick and brainstorm! One of your teammates is trapped!

Not only that, you are also under the pressure of an invisible ticking time bomb. Bomb defusing is no job for just one man, so take your team and keep talking and nobody explodes. It might sound like a threat but really it’s just the simple instructions to the game. Steel Crate Games’ multiplayer puzzle is a true test of friendship and how well you can work under the stress of solving a logic puzzle with screaming teammates. So remember; calm down and wrangle your team of experts to decipher the bomb defusing manual- and FAST!. There’s no time waste in this game with a playscore of 8.66