Read This Before Registering With Our Website

Only register to this site if you are 18 years of age or Over.

To apply for clan membership to The Drunken Soldiers you will need to register with this website first. All website registrations are approved, but NOT ALL [TDS] Clan Membership applications are approved.

When you create a Nickname during registration use the same or a similar name to what you use when playing in game.

Once you register with our website you will have access to the Clan Member Application.

Click HERE for CLAN membership application.

Prior to applying as an [TDS] clan member realize that The Drunken Soldiers is a gaming community that desires the participation of it’s clan members in Game as well as on our TeamSpeak Server and Website.

Teamspeak 3: DOWNLOAD HERE
Ip address is: ts3.tdsgamers.com
Click Here to connect to our TS3 server