More Competitions for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Now Available

We are glad to announce that the Major League Gaming (MLG) has made an expansion in the GameBattles Beta in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

It includes more competitions and challenges for players. There are additional ladders and tournaments available in addition to those that are already existing.

Players will have continued access to the updated features that are going to make gaming experience a lot better.
This new integration allows players to play in GameBattle matches directly on infinite warfare. Once your team has accepted a match, everything is set up for you. It enables the players to:

• All players can integrate in a single lobby.
• Maps, modes, and settings are automatically set.
• A dedicated server is used when for the game.
• Post-game report is automatically generated.

How does it work?

If you don’t know yet what the GameBattles Beta is, read along as we quickly walk you through the steps.

Competing GameBattles is now easier with the GameBattles’ integration within Infinite Warfare.

  1. First, you have to link your Gametag to your Major League Gaming (MLG) account and create your team.
  2. When you have created a team, you can then create a match and prepare to play.
  3. When a match is scheduled, players can go to GameBattles Beta and select “JOIN GAME” to enter the lobby.
  4. Select “READY TO START” and wait for the game to start when all the members of the teams are ready. If you get out of the lobby before the game starts, you can always get back in and repeat the steps.
  5. After the game, GameBattle will automatically report the results.

Read this tutorial for a complete guide.

Send them your feedback on your gaming experience to help them improve for future updates.

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End of the Season Event

In June 23rd-25th, Major League Gaming (MLG) hosted the site wide Double XP Weekend. All those who played on Battleground received a Double Team and MLG Rank XP.

Now, get a chance to earn an exclusive summer badge to welcome the return of the summer.

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