What you get with VIP

1) Mute other players (Type !mute PlayersName and the reason)

2) Reserved Slot ( When you try and join our server you will be first in line)

3) Lead your squad (Type !lead to take leadership of your current squad)
[Image: 8TeurtV.png]

4) White list ( All VIP’s are added to the following white lists Teambalancer, !lead, !mute, Ping Kicker)

5) Killer Stats (Type !killerstats to enable/disable showing your killers battlelog stats)
[Image: fjW4r53.png]

6) 3x Map Votes (When you vote for the next map your 1 vote will count as 3 votes)”

7) VIP Announcer ( When you join one of our server all players will see a message saying “[VIP]YourName Has Joined )”

You also get informed in game when a user has changed there name or clan tag.

Please Note: A reserved slot on TDS servers does not mean that a player will be kicked from the server. You will be sent to the front of the line and will join first when a spot opens up.